Doh Tak Keh

Doh Tak Keh is high fashion, high-concept and unusual. By adopting a noisy aesthetic of androgyny and ‘un-prettiness’, the label presents a concept that is radical, unconventional, and perceptive. As a streetwear brand, they aim to liberate luxury Fashion from vanity – There are fun facts and stories behind every garment. What’s really unique about them is the way they apply traditional Indian skills to their designs with a quirky twist. Also, their textures and silhouettes are majorly inspired by “BTS” of Fashion i.e the skilled artisans, their homes, factories, villages, clothing, etc. – Doh Tak Keh strives to convey her journey in the industry through the garments.

Founded by Juhi Melwani in 2019. 

Juhi Melwani graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York and had the opportunity of working with fashion houses such as Oscar de La Renta and various other artists/designers during her stay in New York. She also had the chance to briefly work at a fast fashion company, the process of which made her realize that she did not want that to be her future splurge.


Indian craftsmanship is mostly highlighted in ethnic or bridal wear. It is unfavorable to associate this with high street fashion. At Doh Tak Keh, we aim to fill this gap in the market where we create products with high-quality skills, add a touch of Indian artistry, and achieve an outcome that’s ‘cool’ and versatile. 

"I wanted to reinvent the idea of avant garde fashion in India and launched in March 2019 at India Fashion Week." -Juhi Melwani

Press: feauterd in Elle