Suri & Huacaya

Where South American culture and luxury goods meet

Based in New York City, Suri & Huacaya produces superlative Alpaca textiles and luxury goods using the best rarest raw materials found in the Andes Region for the pursuit of excellence.

Suri & Huacaya was founded by Juan Ramirez a Colombian-born native. Suri & Huacaya was created with a clear new vision about clothing, to make uncompromised quality pieces and accessories using the best materials from South America. Juan Ramirez moved to NYC in 1995, where he has been involved in ventures to better the quality of life for others. Bringing more than 15 years of executive experience from leading several companies. These include a video marketing company, business development, and both technology and financial technology companies. Juan earned his Master’s Degree at New York University’s Stern School of Business, where he studied Portfolio Management.

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Suri & Huacaya is set out to be the pioneer brand for exports globally from the Andes region. His South American roots are vital to who they are and products will always have our hand-stitched S&H signature ensuring our promise to deliver 100% authentic alpaca fur to our customer.


Suir Huacaya's mission is to provide the finest quality clothing and products from the Andes, to ensure happiness with each purchase, and to contribute to the sustainability of the Andean region. From the Andes to you: Suri & Huacaya is where South American culture and luxury goods meet.

Promise to protect

Suri & Huacaya are dedicated to the sustainability of these animals the country in which they thrive. For any 100% alpaca piece sold, Suri & Huacaya will donate 5 percent to the farm in which it was sourced.

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