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At the spiritual crossroads of existence, Elegguá stands as an eternal guardian, ensuring the universe's intricate dance remains harmonious. He embodies the essence of life's many turns, holding the keys to past, present, and future, watching over each journey with an inquisitive gaze.

Within this sacred candle, age-old herbaceous tales unfurl. As its flame burns spiritedly, the vast mosaic of Elegguá's dominion emerges. Succulent caramelo melds with the piercing clarity of oregano and bay leaf, while earthy patchouli casts shadows, echoing the mysteries of every beckoning crossroad.

Fragrance Notes 

Top. Bay leaf | Oregano | Thyme

Heart. Caramelo | Patchouli | Eucalyptus

Base. Tobacco | Clove | Black Cedar



The omnipresent guardian of all paths, Elegguá stands sentinel at life's many crossroads, ensuring the universe's balance. His divine essence is a beacon that bridges past, present, and future, guiding every soul on its journey.


When lighting this sacred candle, one may offer tobacco, cowrie shells, or simply the sincere intention of respect and homage. Embracing his colors of red and black and incorporating keys or whistles can deepen the connection to his omnipotent presence.

Candle Facts 

Coconut Wax | Lead-Free Cotton Wick | 50 hr Burn time | 8 oz
No Parabens or Phthalates | Handpoured in California | Reusable vessel

Light the candle for 2 hours the first time will get an even burn and avoid tunneling. Before each burn trim the wick to less than 1/4 of an inch, avoiding any black soot. Never leave a candle unattended, near drafts, or move a candle while burning.

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