Mumu Bath

Ugly But Lovely Bars

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Mumu Bath
The best soap for you and the planet 

No soaps ever get wasted! Even leftover soap batter or soap ends can be useful. Get twice as many all-natural soaps in a form of ends and seconds. Ugly But Lovely Bars feature a mixture of our favorite organic soaps. These are perfect for travel, hand wash, or gifting. One set of soap ends weighs approximately 6-8 oz. That equals about 5 to 7 ends (depending on the weight/size of each). Each bundle contains a variety of colors and scents. They might look different, but they work just perfectly lovely!
  • Travel Friendly
  • Zero Waste
  • Approx. 6-8 oz (5-7 soap ends)
  • Proudly Made with love and care In NYC

    Palm Oil is ethically sourced in South America from Palm Done Right with RSPO certification to minimize our environmental impact. No sodium hydroxide left in the finished product

    *Soap will come without paper to reduce waste

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