Plant Paper

Plant Paper 32 Rolls

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Plant Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper

Tree-free, Toxin-free, Toilet Paper

Did you know: The chemicals in unsustainable conventional toilet paper include formaldehyde, virgin tree pulp and other chemicals per roll. The chemicals that make the tissue white, fluffy, and soft, are poison to our bloodstream and our waterways. They cause UTIs, fissures, vulvar irritation, and hemorrhoids. 

Since times have changed, and so have our ideas about what it means to be clean. We want to provide you to best plant base toilet paper on earth because it is softer, stronger, smarter! 

Bamboo's high tensile strength means plant paper never tears or pills, and leaves nothing behind.

    • 3 Ply PlantPaper is thick and absorbent for soft and silky feel
    • No Dyes - PlantPaper's color reflects the natural color of the bamboo used to make it.
  • 20% more surface area than conventional rolls -- means you use less on every visit.
  • FSC-certified bamboo

  • BPA free


100% Plastic-free packaging

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