Founders María Puente Silva (Spain) and Vanessa Alarcón (Ecuador) collaborate with artisans to create sustainable pieces that carry the spirit of the Andes. Their clothes embody ancestral wisdom, quality design, and deep love for our Allpamama, Mother Earth. Each of the handmade garments is unique and contains its own identity. They are conceptualized, designed, and produced in Ecuador.

Environmental Responsibilities 

Allpamamas designs and production model honor our Mother Earth, taking into account how to best serve her in every step of the process. For each collection, they use natural fibers, upcycled materials, and organic dyeing recipes passed down by the grandmothers. Each piece is designed with a zero-waste result in mind.


Through their work, they aim to reclaim artisanal craft as the worthy and fairly paid profession that it once was within the communities that we work with. This direct source of income enables women artisans in the countryside to preserve their generational craft as opposed to having to leave their land in search of employment in the city.

Allpamamas Paz Lifestyle


Allpamamas works with women who carry the craftsmanship of their ancestors; a knowledge that remains from Ecuador's time as a renowned source for quality handmade textiles. Many of these techniques are at risk of disappearing - we'd like to change that.