Plant Paper


Tree-free, Toxin-free, Toilet Paper
softer, stronger, smarter

Plant Paper is made from fast-growing FSC-certified bamboo. It is thick and absorbent using a 3 ply plant paper. Plant Paper is the response to an industry and a hygienic practice in dire need of an update. Toilet paper for 21st-century humans. Made without using any heavy chemicals that protect us and our planet.


The supply chain behind most toilet paper sold in the U.S. is controlled by a small handful of big corporations. With little competition to incentivize them to innovate, they continue to do what they have always done best: cutting down trees, contaminating our waterways and bloodstreams, and getting rich doing it.

The hidden costs of unsustainable conventional toilet paper are appalling:

•27,000 trees per day flushed down the world’s toilets to produce

•1,000 + of acres of boreal forest per minute

•37 gallons of water per roll

•1 gallon of bleach, 

The chemicals include, formaldehyde, virgin tree pulp and other chemicals per roll. The chemicals that make the tissue white, fluffy, and soft, are poinson to our bloodstream and our waterways. They cause cause of UTIs, fissures, vulvar irritation, and hemorrhoids. 

Times have changed, and so have our ideas about what it means to be clean

PlantPaper's color reflects the natural color of the bamboo used to make it which means no dyes. It is also septic safe, breaking down easily in septic systems. A two-sided dimple pattern offers a grippy side for grabbing a silky side for dabbing. 

Plant paper uses a larger sheet size which is up to 20% more surface area than conventional rolls, meaning you use less on every visit. Bamboo's high tensile strength means plant paper never tears or pills and leaves nothing behind.

Recycled toilet paper is ok, but it's far from perfectIt also contains BPA, a known endocrine disruptor that finds its way into the recycling stream through receipts.  

“ A three-ply, gently dimpled paper the color of an oat milk cappuccino"
-Vanity Fair