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Duebest is dedicated to the best by staying conscious for all of us and our environment. Designed to make your sustainable lifestyle more convenient for on-the-go. Reduce your plastic waste with Duebest!

More nature, less plastic.  Duebest's teak wood cutlery is made Fair Trade by artisans in Bali, Indonesia, which means fair wages and working conditions. A direction with a purpose.

woman founded companies in the sustainable industry


Duebest began with two best friends Daphne Sculac (left) and BobbiJo McCauley (right) over one bowl of egg noodles at a restaurant in lower Manhattan when Daphne pulled out her own personal set of chopsticks... With Daphne’s background in product development and Bobbi’s background in graphic design, they make the perfect team!  From two young girls, to Brooklyn roommates, to now business partners and the best of friends… both ladies have always been environmentally conscious and continue to do their best to make sustainable lifestyle choices.  For them, saying “NO” to single-use-plastics was just the beginning. They understand that sustainable choices aren't always easy, inexpensive, or convenient. With Duebest™, they aim to change that by offering a compact set that’s easy to travel with.


#BYOC (Bring Your Own Cutlery) 


world trade organization