Lina Osorio

Be dazzled by the luxury of our culture

Filled with passion, Lina Osorio created her brand to encourage the tradition of the hat and preserve the culture of her country’s territories in a conscious manner. After studying fashion design in Colombia, Lina went on to
receive her master’s in fashion accessories at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Spain. She learned from Ana De La Guerra, one of the best hat makers in Spain.

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Lina cares to bring people closer to artisans through design focused on luxury, specifically luxury through personalization, history, and the preservation of knowledge. She aims to work with cultures and communities around the world.

As a company, Lina Osorio promotes fair payment, local labor, and allocates a percentage of the brand’s annual profit to social projects into the communities of the artisans. They approach artisans to work with them creatively and integrate their ancestral knowledge with contemporary designs. Additionally, Lina Osorio is committed to work with straw suppliers that grow responsibly and protect endangered flora.

“Dreamed by the client, designed by Lina Osorio, made by an Artisan”