Mumu Bath

The best soap for you and the planet

Soaps for all skin types


Mū-Mū – A harmonic blend of the Mandarin words “bath” and “tree” – clean and natural.

Mumu bath was inspired after Sasha's daughter was born. She saw a need for natural soaps for the whole family, including her baby who has eczema. So, she began Mumu Bath with all skin types in mind! 



The products are formulated with simple, natural ingredients gentle enough for our babies’ delicate skin. Her mission is simple, just like the products: She cares for your family as she does for hers. The palm Our Palm Oil is sustainable and ethically sourced in South America from Palm Done Right with RSPO certification to minimize our environmental impact. No Sodium Hydroxide left in the finished product. Proudly Made with love and care in NYC.


From her family to yours, we hope you enjoy her soaps as much as we do!