Ponchos Rojas

Geometric Triangle Pillow Cover

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Ponchos Rojas Geometric Triangle Pillow Cover
Sharing the symbols of life 

  • Large and bright geometric triangle pillow cover
  • Front and back embroidery pattern
  • Tubular weave that adorns and protects the textile edges
  • Each pillow is unique from one another as it is all hand made
  • The thread is hand spun and woven on a pedal loom by the local artisans


  • 100% Alpaca wool (front pattern design)
  • 100 % Sheeps wool (back of pillow)
  • Inserts are down feather filled with real goose and duck feathers
  • Length: 20”(51cm) Width:20”(51cm)
  • Made in Bolivia


  • Hand wash cold with wool or mild detergent. Dry flat
  • You can add a tablespoon of salt and white vinegar for the wash to prevent bleeding of colors

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    We could all use more color in our life right now! This makes the perfect accent pillow for a bed, armchair sofa, or a single chair. Thank you, your purchase of handcrafted items helps preserve craft traditions in Bolivia.

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