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If you are new to the world of moringa, this kit is a great way to start!

This set includes 1 cookbook, 1 jar of moringa leaf powder, and a small tote bag
Recipe - Raw, gluten-free, & vegan
Detoxifying, energy-enhancing, immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and weight loss properties
Complete plant protein

    The world’s most nutrient-dense plant.

    92 nutrients and 46 antioxidant
    No chemical pesticides
    No heavy metals
    No harmful bacteria
    No sterilization
    No irradiation
    No fumigation
    Sourced from West Africa

    Moringa leaf powder: 3.2 oz + small 8'x8' tote bag

      HOW TO USE
      Add a teaspoon to your smoothies, juices, soups, lattes, sauces, and baked goods

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